CEIMM-URACCAN performs psychological therapies to pay for mental health
URACCAN staff during psychological therapy promoted by CEIMM.
Neylin Calderon

Emotional support to over-carry the current pandemic situation

The Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN), within the framework of the Decolonization and Depatriarcalization project for Transformation from Education, held a resilience session to pay for the mental and emotional health of Bilwi staff, as a positive practice to collectively cope with the current situation of multiple tensions by COVID-19.

According to the MSc. Meira Nicho, A CIS technique, the participants are part of the administrative guild and the teaching guild. "Right now we work with 8 people, we have met our goals and this is a great achievement as a center, also to continue working this type of process with the staff, because we really need to continue to pay for the mental health of the staff as a university," he explained.

About psychological therapy

For her part, Mr. Nancy Carolina Balderramos, forensic psychologist of the Supreme Court of Justice in the area of Legal Medicine and responsible for performing such therapy with URACCAN participants, told that the therapy that was done at the Bilwi compound has to do with resilience and self-care.

"Resilience is an issue that we land in our context today that we are going through (the) COVID-19; we did this session so that women can share, see our strengths and be able to cope with this situation that we are experiencing, through being stronger, more tolerant and adapting to the new changes we are going through," Balderramos emphasized.

The psychologist also stated that all the tensions that are being lived in the last days in the country must be thought about and made positive. "The anxieties, depressions, fears and insecurities we are currently having, so self-care is the pain we have, in the face of media news, the pain of being powerless, of not giving a solution to this situation, we carry it in our bodies," Nancy Balderramos said.

Processes of changes in the mental health of buenos aires women

It should be mentioned that the Decolonization and Depatriaricalization project for Transformation from Education, CEIMM has been working on it since 2018 in coordination with the Nidia White Women's Movement in the city of Bilwi, municipality of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

In this regard, teacher Meira Nicho stated that "we have worked with administrative staff, with women survivors of violence, also with women victims of violence in the specific case of Nidia White, where the facilitators were the psychologists of the university who accompanied us throughout the process, where the companions had the opportunity to receive 13 sessions with different topics".