Las Minas Campus opens call for the second season of the Student Arts Competition
Each participant should write a reflection on how their art contributes to the eradication of discrimination and violence.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco and Neylin Calderón

The deadline to participate is August 20.

The Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), within the framework of the Decolonization and Depatriaractization project for Transformation from Education, made public its call for the second season of the "Student Arts Competition Against Violence and Discrimination", aimed at all young university students of URACCAN.

This competition urges the student community to manifest itself creatively against forms of violence and discrimination, in the categories of poetry, short story, painting and singing. Art is a form of struggle, a means of denouncing injustices and creating more admirable societies.

Teacher Anny Marley, CEIMM coordinator of the Bilwi venue, reported that since last Monday, August 03rd of the current, the call was initiated, so that students are partakers of this important artistic contest and through their talents express how discrimination and any kind of violence in society can be avoided.

The activity is being worked articulately at the university-wide level, between CEIMM, UNEN, the Commissions for the Eradication of Manifestations of Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence and Other Related Intolerance, and, in the case of Las Minas campuses, the Presagio Cultural Movement.

It should be noted that students from the Waspam, Rosita, Bonanza and Waslala extensions can also participate. The last deadline for submitting the arts is until August 20.

Teacher Ada Madrigal, of the CEIMM of the Las Minas campus, explained that within the parameters that participants must meet are: to be a student of URACCAN; have creativity to convey the message; the product presented must be related to the subject; if the student is indigenous he can present his art in his mother tongue. Each participant should also write a reflection on how their art contributes to the eradication of discrimination and violence.