UNESCO Chair: Actions on the Internet to Eradicate Racism
Image obtained from the website of the call to eradicate racism.

UNESCO Chair, promoting justice and equity for indigenous peoples

The UNESCO Chair "Higher Education and Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples in Latin America" invites participation in the call for Online Actions aimed at promoting reflections and debates on the many forms of racism that still persist in Higher Education systems, and contributing to their eradication.

This initiative is aimed at proposals for actions on the Internet and/or social networks, designed to be implemented by students, teachers, researchers and other workers (of any rank and position) of Higher Education institutions in Latin America.

According to the Unesco Chair (http://unesco.untref.edu.ar/actividades) portal, this call arises from concern about the "various forms of racism that persist in higher education systems in the 21st century. Some of them are openly expressed, they are 'visible', they are the ones that are often associated with the idea of 'racial discrimination'. Others, which, as the case may be, are structural, or systemic in nature, have been 'naturalized' and are often virtually invisible. These are expressed in the monocultural nature of higher education systems and institutions (IES), and with it, in the exclusion of world visions, stories, languages, knowledge and modes of production of them, of the various indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples and communities; as well as in the marginalization and devaluation of Afro-Hispanic and indigenous authors and perspectives in curriculums, in the low participation of indigenous and Afro-descendants among students, teachers, authorities and female workers of IES, and in prejudices regarding their intellectual abilities."

The period of receipt of proposals ranges from 15 May to 15 July 2020. In case of any questions, write to the e-educacionsuperiorcontraelracismo.@untrefedu.ar or read and download the Convocation Bases here.