Train education science students with mention in English
Through educational technological resources, communication between teachers and students is improved.
José Garth Medina

These activities develop educational skills and competencies in the student.

First-year students of URACCAN Waslala's Bachelor of Education Sciences with English mention were trained in the use and management of the virtual platform, as part of activities for educational relevance to the pandemic context that requires us to adapt to the circumstances and implement online teaching-learning strategies.

This was expressed by the Rosidani Molina master's degree, coordinator of the University Extension of Waslala, who also ensured that the integration of media into the educational process between teachers and students is essential for academic training.

"That is why URACCAN, with the aim of maintaining and improving the quality of teaching and communication between both parties, has put the use and management of virtual platform, through the URACCAN virtual campus, which allows to develop activities in each subject that helps the student to forge in his professional career," said the Molina master's degree.

The Licda. Angela López Pérez, academic manager of the Waslala extension, said that 20 students were in the participation, according to the sex correspond to 8 women and 4 males, in order for students to acquire the skills in the use of this educational tool.

Also, the Licda. Lopez reported that the training aims to improve the skills of students in the use of resources and activities created by teachers within the virtual environment.

In that context, the Licda. Claudia Mercedes Castro, a schedule teacher at URACCAN Waslala, referred to what the virtual platform is a tool that strengthens the knowledge and skills existing in the learning processes, providing different features presented by the virtual platform in online learning and assuming an attitude of commitment to improving virtual education.