URACCAN Bilwi authorities hold IV Campus Technical Council
Authorities of URACCAN Bilwi during the Technical Council of Campus.
Neylin Calderon

Vice-Chancellor and Academic Secretariat of the Bilwi campus carried out the fourth Technical Council of the Campus (CTR), where it delve into topics such as academic performance, the opening of the Research Methodology course and anti-COVID-19 measures, among other agenda items.

Teacher Ivonne McLean, the academic secretary of the campus, stated that the idea of reviewing the academic performance of the student community is to follow up and "see what actions to take to do a deeper analysis, for this we agree to hold meetings with teachers where they can tell us what strategies are used to maintain a good average and, if they are not so good , how can we improve."

In another context, the proposal for the Research Methodology course was also revised to strengthen knowledge for university faculty and tutors who are currently doing research. "We're seeing if we elevate him to a diploma or specialization," McLean said.

The modality of this course will be free, "we are advancing in the academic part to improve the educational quality", explained the academic secretary, adding that the proposal was made "from the demand of all those trainings that we have had, we have been asked to delve into the topic of Research Methodology", concluded By Teacher McLean.

In addition, this Technical Council, corresponding to April, took up the theme of the Anti-COVID-19 Security Protocol to discuss how the university community is preparing for the possibility of virtual classes and how protection measures are being applied in face-to-face courses, both in the regular and Saturday modality.