In commemoration of student day and the anniversary of URACCAN

By: Johana Estrada

Since 1984, every July 23rd the National Day of the Nicaraguan student is commemorated and in memory of this heretical feat of many students of our country, URACCAN, is adorned with a waste of culture and tradition in the second Festival of Art and Culture, where students from the New Guinea, Bluefields, Bilwi and host, Las Minas and its extensions participate.

This event was coordinated by the National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN-URACCAN) and the Area of Student Welfare, in charge of the representatives of each Campus. Special guests included students from the National University of Engineering (UNI), from the area of culture, by Professor Cleopatra Morales, who is also coordinator of the interuniversity community of the National Council of Universities (UNC).

The words of welcome were given by student Deyling Uriel Torrez, student welfare representative of the Las Minas campus, who on behalf of the students of this Campus greeted URACCAN University for these 25 years, who have allowed many young people from the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua to be en routed in search of their own dreams , with a vision of contributing to the strengthening of our Regional Autonomy.

In his speech, Torrez stated that "our main objective is to promote and strengthen our cultures and talents, that this festival is a space to strengthen our identities, understand and live with the other cultures, traditions and customs of our peoples on Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast," he said.

From this house of higher education it contributes to the strengthening of our own roots, to be proud and proud of our own identity and with this sharing of talent, linking the Caribbean Coast with the Pacific, join bonds of brotherhood that vision to the strengthening of the art and culture of our country.

The representative of the student government of the Las Minas Campus concluded by mentioning that "it is the responsibility of all and all to promote our cultures, the artists who perform today in this stage will give their best, and that more festivals continue to be held that magnify our cultural riches, because there is no better art than that which enriches the culture of our university youth", he concluded.