URACCAN omen group

By: Johana Estrada

From the Arts and Culture area of the URACCAN University, in its Las Minas campus, the Presagio group participated in the II Festival of Art and Culture that took place on July 23 in commemoration of the National Day of Students of Nicaragua and in celebration at the age of 25 of URACCAN.

The group is currently composed of 34 students from the Campus, who are dedicated to writing poetry, short stories, writing novels, as well as focusing on reading, to get to know literature in depth; he was born with the prospect of discovering in each student that talent, that desire to read and that feeling of writing, reading and making art.

In this exchange of knowledge, talents and culture, the boys and girls of the Presagio group demonstrated their talent through poetry and singing. Student Luisa Amelia Bravo Pérez, declaimed a poem dedicated to the purest feeling that can exist in humanity, "love", the poem is titled "I am in love with you", Bravo mentioned that this poem is an inspiration of its own "dedicated to a very special person for me", emphasized.

Similarly, the young Kevin Antonio Rosales Borge delighted the audience with the Flute, performing the famous theme song entitled "Despacito". For his part, Professor José Ramón Silva Salmerón, member of the omen group also made his speech mentioning that "it is a real joy to share with you this small number hoping that it will be to the taste of all of you", he shared, with the decclaim of a poem entitled "Poem of the foreign moment in the jungle".

For her part, the young Gema Gosden performed a song entitled "Oncemil", which recounts the differences that exist between people and how these affect our lives; some of the music mentions "... I don't like to feel absent when you live next to me, I don't like to kill the hours, smile if I'm not happy, become just a ghost lover of everyone...".