Institutional Planning Area monitors planned activities in the SGU
The accompaniment consists of two stages: the visit to each area and the monitoring from the SGU.
Josselyn Flores

The fulfillment of activities contributes to the agility of the SGU.

The Institutional Planning area of the Bluefields campus monitors and monitors planned activities in the University Management System (SGU), with the aim of ensuring compliance in this third quarter.

In this sense, those responsible for this area have visited each space of those who work on this campus, reviewing the approach of those activities that have already been fulfilled and guiding to guarantee them in a timely manner to avoid the saturation of the system.

About it, the Licda. Wilma Hodgson, Coordinator of Institutional Planning, explained that "monitoring took place in each of the areas, institutes and centers where we review their planned activities and the tools they have proposed to carry out and the dates, thus noting which areas are progressing and how the process of them is going".

"Expectations are to meet 100% in the evaluation for the constant monitoring we have been carrying out from planning and evaluation to the different institutional areas," Hodgson said.

Monitoring in the system

The Licda. Shorly Walton, stated that "with the accompaniment we carry out we identify what has been planned from each area, with that data we now proceed to verify everything that goes up to the system, we check if it is complete and according to what they have established and approve."

"This also ensures that at the end of the semester those responsible for their activities in the system do not have as many means to increase and avoid in that sense the saturation of the system," Walton concluded.