Academic Secretariat, career commission and students participate

By: Neylin Calderón

The humanities, legal and social sciences area of URACCAN, Bilwi Campus analyzed the progress and results of the Course on Research Methodology based on the Method of Results-Linked Learning (AVAR), a process initiated since last year and in which a total of 13 students graduated from the sociology degree with mention in Autonomy participated.

The process is carried out by the academic secretariat with which it seeks to identify progress, but also the weaknesses of the course.

Graduate Denis Peralta, professor of sociology career with mention in Autonomy, detailed that during the meeting it was conducive to clarifying how to continue with the curriculum in 2020.

The teacher explained that, "we needed to agree on what weaknesses, progress or problems they had encountered in the course, we wanted to hear it from the subjects themselves," he said. In this space students were free to raise their concerns, "they have already been explained that from the other week they will be notified what their guardians will be," Peralta said.

Course utility, learn by doing.

In this context, professor Denis Peralta emphasized that the course provided since last year by the humanities, legal and social sciences area has helped the finalist students of the sociology career, "it serves them to accelerate their end-of-career work", he said.

Similarly, with the application of the Methodology of Linked Learning in Results (AVAR), they strengthen the skills of the student because the formulation of the theory also achieves the functionality of learning by doing "The workshop is given, but at the same time, at the same time, at the same time its work is being built", concluded Peralta.