Sex education to the university community

By: Josselyn Flores

The National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN), in the enclosure of URACCAN Bluefields, in conjunction with the Rectory, and Student Welfare of said campus, coordinate sex education activities to the university community with the foundation "Nicaragua con Amor".

Accompaniment to communities.

In this context, activities have begun in the communities surrounding the city of Bluefields in the South Caribbean, where they have given sexual and reproductive health talks to the communities of San Mariano, and Ramakay Island, just as they have engaged in recreational activities.The student president of URACCAN Bluefields Campus, Virginia Aragon, stated that it is important for the student movement to provide accompaniment to this foundation in communities, because this brings them necessary information regarding sexual health, as well as sharing joys with children and young people in these areas.

"It is very important for us to accompany this foundation, which brings educational talks and joy to children and young people," Aragon said.

Visit to classrooms at URACCAN.

Similarly, the Nicaraguan Foundation with Love shared health information with the university community, in which they were given educational talks regarding the prevention of HIV, AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, in visits to the different classrooms were made dynamic with students, about the use of the condom, where young people participated and learned to use this very important barrier method in the prevention of any sexually transmitted infection (STI).

In addition, Mr. Jonathan Mercado, president of the Nicaraguan Foundation with Love, shared with young people the importance of using this method of sexual protection and hiv testing for early detection, so that patients can undergo the necessary treatment that prolongs quality of life.

"It is important that in our sexual practices we are responsible and can use this barrier method to counteract the HIV epidemic, there are many young people who live with HIV and do not receive care or treatment, because the tests detected by the virus are not performed." Pointed out. Therefore, among the benefits of this foundation's visit to the campus, were rapid HIV testing of the student population.

Similarly, the foundation delivered sports tools to the URACCAN student movement team at its Bluefields headquarters.