Accompaniment in the review of profiles and monographic protocols
Review of profiles and monographic protocols
Review of profiles and monographic protocols
Josselyn Flores

In URACCAN Bluefields enclosure

Under the commitment to accompany graduate students who are conducting their monographic research, the Humanities area of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure works in the phase of review of profiles and monographic protocols, in conjunction with the area of Research and Postgraduate.

Through these processes, the review of profiles and monographic protocols of students in the area was carried out, in order to better guide these studies and thus meet the requirements established by this house of intercultural higher education.

According to Mr. Narda Wilson, Coordinator of humanities, "the main thing for us is for each of the students to do their monographs, so we were reviewing how many graduates we had in the different careers of the area and moving on to the next stage, which is to give the go-ahead so that they can enroll their subjects," he explained.

Strategies to strengthen academic accompaniment in research

Wilson also stated that "in order to carry out this process satisfactorily we have implemented some mechanisms to respond and accompany students," he said.

Finally, the coordinator assured that accompanying work is very important because it is a way to motivate students to end their research and careers.

In addition, he mentioned that they are encouraging students to do more research tailored to the context of indigenous, Afro-descendant, and mixed-race peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, responding to URACCAN's Mission and Vision.