A student of Agroforestry Engineering from URACCAN creates an original and exquisite venture
Kenya's long-term purpose is to project its product line under the same business seal: Jewels of the Caribbean.
Josselyn Flores

Tropical Chocolates and Rum and Sun, a new line of cocoa-based products

Kenya Haoska Espinoza Campo is a young entrepreneur from the city of Bluefields. He studied the V year of Agroforestry Engineering on the URACCAN campus in that city. For three months now, this has become a municipal reference for making and selling handmade chocolates based on cocoa, which it presents through striking styles, with original packaging and special flavor.

Through a course he combined with his university profession, Kenya made its way and started his own business, from growing cocoa plants, caring for them and processing their fruits, to bringing this delicious sweet to the people of Bluefields.

The young engineer says that this venture allows her to link her profession with the sustainable use of a natural resource offered by the Caribbean Coast: cocoa. Kenya also recounts, "I have learned to select which is the best cocoa, which gives us the best flavor, as well as the ideal treatment that should be given to cocoa to get to have a good final product".

"My work is completely handmade, I make the chocolate from the beginning with the whole process in a natural and artisanal way, including the presentations in which I offer them. Chocolate can be offered at 70%, 50% and 100%, we know that a chocolate processed 100% is bitter, 50% is sweeter, depending on the customer is processed to taste," explained the young entrepreneur.

Participation in the JUDC

It should be noted that Kenya will participate in the University Day of Scientific Development (JUDC) of URACCAN, a space where students of this study house publicize their research, projects and innovative products. This young woman's project is part of the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that URACCAN promotes among its students.

Product line

The young lady started with the chocolates. He is now throwing a fermented cocoa rum, which has been an exquisite liquor for his tasters. Its product line consists of two brands: Tropical Chocolates and Rum and Sun. Likewise, it works on an upcoming product projection, it has set out to make cocoa-based jellies, to grow and diversify its line.