Carnival, culture, passion and multiculturalism

By: José Bermúdez

The second day of the Festival culminated in the extraordinary presentation of URACCAN, where visitors cheered to see the indigenous dances of the Caribbean Coast and thus learn more about their culture, they were in charge of the closing of the activity, providing a spectacular participation during the carnival that carried the motto "Carnaval of Culture and Identity".

"Being able to share with students from other universities and be able to demonstrate what the cost culture is and also be able to learn what other Pacific cultures are and the difference that that cultural richness that our country gives us," is our goal of being here, highlighted Axel Molina, URACCAN Culture Promoter, Bluefields Campus.

The grand parade was a waste of culture, tradition, harmony and artist expressions that were reflected in every dance, costume and music shared by Nicaraguan artists. URACCAN certainly seeded the attention of national and international visitors with its excellent displays of culture and tradition.

The carnival was also attended by the country's Pacific universities, who showed different artistic presentations accompanied by music and fervor according to their customs. The participation of student leaders was noted, as these at all times provided support to their students.

"We have been nationally and internationally with our dance group, publicating our cultures, dances and dances," said Lester Molina, Director of Student Welfare (URACCAN).

Undoubtedly the carnival was a total success for the displays of affection of the fans, hoping that the customs, traditions and culture promoted by URACCAN will continue to strengthen and reap love for the Coastal peoples.