178th Anniversary of the Emancipation of Slavery on the Island

By: Betty Omier

As part of the celebration of the 178th years of the emancipation of slavery on Corn Island, a forum was held for young people addressing the History of Afro-descendants and leadership, in which Mr. Diana Aristhomene, chairwoman of the URACCAN Afro Commission Bluefields precinct and member of the Inter-Agency Commission , form;o part of the "Black Women in Leadership" panel forum, with the slogan "creating awareness of our identity" "black women in leadership".

The young participants asked questions about the obstacles that panellists have had as black women, the challenges, challenges and achievements achieved in these years of fighting and rescuing their own culture and traditions.

In addition to participating as a historian on emancipation at Bluefields, Mr. Aristhomene was an interpreter in the presentation and distribution of a book of short stories, written by Ms. Nydia Taylor, entitled Hands in the Mornig.

One of the commitments of URACCAN's Afro commission is to continue to rescue, disseminate and promote the celebration of black heritage, its history, culture and legacy of freedom.