By: Jindriska Mayorga

The presentation and approval of the institutional planning of the Las Minas Campus, presentation of progress in the actions and actions that took place in January and information on the graduation event to be held on February 27, were the core points that were addressed at the second session of the University Council of Campus, (CUR), held this week in this campus of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast , (URACCAN).

The session was chaired by the master's degree Ariel Chavarría, secretary of this collegiate decision-making body for the strengthening of the intercultural community university model.

As part of the reflection of the mission and vision of this house of intercultural higher studies, the teacher Carolina Blanco Marchena, coordinator of the area of creation, recreation, knowledge and practices referred that "we must make stronger commitments with the institution, in the sense that we must maintain the leadership that we have at the local, national and international level".

He added that these commitments must be reversed at work to keep assuming changes in fitness, leading us to pleasant coexistence among staff, "in the celebration of the 25th anniversary in Bilwi, we were able to realize the leadership that the university has, the impact and the contributions it has made in the region, we have transcended", he said.

The CUR is a space for concertation, dialogue and socialization on the processes that take place, where decisions are made collectively on the walk of the Campus and in which the Secretary of the Council, career coordinators, institutes and centers, guilds, (teachers and administrative) participate, and articulate the different actions.