URACCAN Las Minas formalizes letter of understanding with the Ministry of Education
URACCAN Vice-Chancellor in Las Minas, PhD. Leonor Ruiz, with minED departmental delegate Rosa Castillo.
José Garth Medina

URACCAN authorities in the Las Minas campus and the Ministry of Departmental Education of the Mining Triangle formalized the articulated work they have been developing by signing a letter of understanding.

The vice-chancellor of this campus, Angélica Leonor Ruiz Calderón, PhD., said that a letter of collaboration and understanding was signed that formalizes the relationship between the Ministry of Education and URACCAN since this institution was founded in Las Minas.

This collaborative letter establishes continuing to work articulately to ensure the presence of MINED teachers at URACCAN for their professionalization process in this study house. In this sense, in the area of Education Sciences and Languages of URACCAN, MINED teachers are trained in different areas.

The Licda. Rosa Amelia Castillo Blanco, MINED departmental delegate in The Mining Triangle, Prinzapolka, Mulukukú and Paiwas, said that this letter of understanding and collaboration includes all those actions that are jointly developed for the training of teaching staff in the region.

"We have been carrying out activities in an articulate way, but there was nothing formal, that became effective between the vice-chancellor and the departmental delegation of MINED, which allows us to continue working," said Castillo Blanco.

"One of the things we do is agree for teacher training courses and we agree on the dates when the training processes are carried out for MINED staff," concluded the departmental delegate.

URACCAN, from the management institution, strengthens the articulation with local actors in each territory to successfully advance with its institutional planning.