URACCAN teachers train in Design Thinking methodology

By: José Garth Medina

URACCAN works continuously in the formation of its human talent and its university community, through processes that strengthen its capabilities, generating better and greater methodologies and tools, with relevance, in the teaching-learning process, inside and outside the Intercultural Community University.

Thus, regular, permanent and supportive teachers from the Las Minas university campus started a workshop to know and apply the Design Thinking methodology, which can be used for teaching-learning processes in URACCAN's academic programs, in accordance with Master Aidalina Balladares, facilitator of the workshop in Siuna.

Workshop development

During this process, teachers analyzed that the methodology is similar to that used in the area of Science, Technology and Environment, with agroforestry engineering students; where the ABP methodology is used, a problem-based methodology, where students make diagnoses and propose solutions to these problems, for producers in the region, as stated by the master Jasmil Castillo Martínez, coordinator of the area of Science, Technology and Environment.Training

Master Francisco Gutiérrez said that it is Design Thinking methodology I could not be applied to all the subjects taught in URACCAN, but if it is a methodology that is used for innovation processes, like other methodological tools that provide innovative solutions to social problems.

The facilitators of the Desing Thinking methodology are the masters Aidalina Balladares Berroteran and Jacoba Estela Rodríguez, and started on the afternoon of this Thursday, July 4 and ends on Friday, July 5.

URACCAN is a higher education institution on the Caribbean Coast, which develops updating processes with its teaching and administrative staff, which strengthens the teaching-learning processes, generating better results, that are pertinent to the realities of the indigenous territories and peoples, Afro descendants and mestizos of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua; therefore, 25 years after its founding, URACCAN continues to weaving interculturality with peoples.