Teachers in University Teaching conclude sixth face-to-face meeting in Waspam extension
This master's degree is organized into 8 face-to-face modules.
Neylin Calderon

Training new professionals committed to the Caribbean Coast

On Monday, in the Waspam extension of URACCAN, 30 students of the Master's Degree in University Teaching successfully completed the sixth face-to-face meeting, where they received the themes of University Planning, Didactic Planning and Colloquium V and VI. It should be mentioned that this has allowed them to continue the process of building the thesis topic, being a requirement for the work of completion of studies to be presented at the last meeting, scheduled for March 2021.

The main purpose of the opening of the master's degree is to strengthen the skills and capacities of the faculty, both the municipality of Waspam and the Bilwi enclosure.

Learnings that strengthen the knowledge of Waspam and Bilwi professionals

For the teacher Vilma Helena Chow, the experience of being in this master's degree has been full of learnings, where from URACCAN interculturality, respect for the worldviews of indigenous peoples is put into practice. "That makes me reflect and change my thinking, it's all been a very nice process where I can apply to my life and impact my family on this new knowledge," Chow said.

For his part, Saiman Kinan Waldiman, stated that the whole master's process has reinforced his knowledge because from his teaching spaces, they must continue to cultivate their knowledge at the higher level, "we did not know many techniques and this serves us to work with our educational communities at the municipal level, at the community level," he said.

About Colloquium V and VI

In this meeting, the teachers had the opportunity to present the topics they plan to perform in the thesis research, this strengthens the research techniques of each of the participants, so that when they carry out the field work, they have greater knowledge for the inquiry and searches for timely information that strengthens that study.

Students have an already defined research project, which has to do with strengthening the teaching-learning process. In some cases, for the strengthening of the development of the municipality of Waspam, in this sense, the V and VII Colloquium is being carried out, so that the teachers mature their thesis projects.

It is worth mentioning that the Master's Degree in University Teaching is planned in 8 face-to-face modules; on Monday they completed the sixth module, in October they will carry out the seventh and the last will be in March 2021, as reported by Dr. Hermes Castellanos, coordinator of the Waspam extension.