Students from the Leadership School do a cleaning day in the arboretum
Through these eco-friendly activities, students guide their academic decisions.
Neylin Calderon

Fulfillment of the subject Technical and vocational guidance

In fulfillment of the subject Technical and Vocational Guidance, taught by the engineer Gerardo Gutiérrez, students of the Bilwi Campus Leadership School, held a day of cleaning and planting of fruit, wood and medicinal trees on Wednesday in the municipal arboretum, located on this university campus.

Gutierrez, who is also coordinator of the area of Science, Technology and Environment, explained that during this subject the theoretical-practical modality is taught, "as they are in a process of training and guidance for when they can opt for a career; who already really know what they want to study" for that reason, these kinds of activities are done, he argued.

In this sense, the engineer stated that during the training phase they are given a vocational assessment showing the different social fields to make the cycle of professional orientation easier to obtain, in this way they choose a career according to their technical and competitive abilities, "therefore, they must learn the physical, cultural and emotional aspects" Gutierrez said.

This subject consists of several phases where knowledge of physics, electricity, environmental, tourism, society in general, medicine is also taught about the psychosocial part, before this, the teacher said that this time they are receiving the class "Integrated management of the nursery phases", in this way students have managed to know what soil management is like , preparation and the entire planting cycle.

On the activities carried out in the arboretum

Student Jermany Zúñiga Muller called these activities important, because they enhance the quality of education they provide from classrooms at the university, because they are prepared to be leaders and leaders of their territories, "we are clearing the ground to grow some trees; it's very important because we're going to have shadows, fruits and it gives us a healthier environment."

For his part, Jason Lopez, a student at The Leadership School, said that the message that stands out in this type of activity is the care of Mother Earth. "Stop damaging the environment, don't throw away the trees because that affects our environment, because if there are no trees there will be no air and that helps us to have oxygen in our environment," he mused.

The first phase for reforestation was carried out with students of the THIRD year of Agroforestry Engineering, where they had the process of marking the land, now with the students of the high school was done the process of cleaning and realization of the holes, next week is scheduled the planting of trees of commercial interest, concluded Gerardo Gutiérrez.