Social Science students practice at Rosita schools
Student of Social Sciences with mention in History, of the Rosita extension, Erika Madriz.
Daysi Chavarría

Professional adaptation processes in different fields of work

A total of 22 students of Social Sciences with mention in History are doing their internships in different educational centers, from August 10 to September 18, as released by teacher Yaneth Sevilla, coordinator of URACCAN Extension Rosita.

The coordinations were carried out between the authorities of URACCAN in Rosita and the Ministry of Education of the municipality, who defined that students can develop their practical hours in the class of "Practice Help", taught by Mr. Nicolasa Córdoba, teacher of that university extension.

Student Erika Madriz is developing her internship at the Infel Public College, creating that this experience allows her to apply the knowledge acquired at her university.

"The coexistence with teachers and students is excellent and this is what I like about URACCAN, which teaches us and that we do not be left alone with the theory," Madriz said.

The Licda. Córdoba said that URACCAN from its institutional philosophy contributes to a relevant and quality education. "That is why we are in these training processes, the theoretical we put it into practice, we implement a process of adaptation in the different fields of work, so that when the students of the career have to do their professional internships or carry out the work are better prepared."

Students, among men and women, who opt for the bachelor's degree in Social Sciences with mention in History will be sharing their skills and knowledge in the Santa Rosa, Emanuel Mongalo, Moravo, Rubén Diario and Infel Public Schools.