Master's meeting at URACCAN

By: Juan Polanco Hern√°ndez

URACCAN is continuously working on strengthening its training programmes, which contribute in a relevant way to the development with the identity of indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples on Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast.

In this way, the meeting of the Master's Degree in University Teaching takes place, from July 15 to 20 of the current, specifically the subject of didactics of higher education. This course is aimed at the teachers of higher education of the URACCAN Bilwi Campus, Waspam extension, and aims to develop professional skills that allow to perform efficiently in the teaching field.

Course development

MeetingThis course is divided into units, which aim to analyze the main pedagogical and didactic categories at the top level, to know and establish the links, relationships and differences between these disciplines and scientific categories and to study the different teaching models.

In addition, this course attempts to study the skills that university teachers must possess, analyzing each of these elements to develop these skills, in all their dimensions, through teaching methodologies that present strategies, methods, techniques, procedures and resources in the teaching-learning process.

Likewise, this course will address the skills that a university professional must develop, selecting all the teaching means to develop those skills, obeying the profile by career areas.