Vocational course fair for entrepreneurship

By: Greysi Pauth

This miérciles July 17 of the current, was held the Fair of vocational courses of sewing, screen printing, regional cuisine and repair of appliances, where young people will share their personal skills with a technical profile, demonstrate their preparation to provide their technical services.

During the closing, the Education for Success project, coordinated by URACCAN and the Foundation for Sustainable Development (Fadcanic), was completed, with the number of 69 young people from 17 communities in the Sector of New Guinea and Bluefields, preparing them to start with their own businesses from their territories.

About the activity

The vice-chancellor of the URACCAN New Guinea venue, Eugenio López Mairena, thanked the executors of the project, the instructors and facilitators of the different courses, as well as words for the students, highlighting the excitement and satisfaction of being able to see these young people prepared and completed this course of education for success, "for that sacrifice that each passed and must now continue to promote work in their communities" Said.

FairFor Shanda Vanegas, director of Fadcanic, the satisfaction of seeing faces and with that thirst to put into practice everything learned, is of the utmost relevance, since they are expected to "start their own business, see it as a dream remember perseverance, responsibility, education and a lot of creativity in all their work," he said.

During these 25 years of continuous work in the territories, URACCAN has shown the interest of promoting the strengthening of its communities, viewing innovative entrepreneurship, with the aim of promoting the strengthening and autonomy of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and half-breeds of the Caribbean Coast.