Working session for International Environment Week
Members of the URACCAN Environment Commission Bluefields venue.
Josselyn Flores

Planning of environmental activities and good practices

Members of the Committee on the Environment held a planning meeting in the framework of the International Environment Week, to be held in June, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, so that activities carried out do not jeopardize the health of the university community.

In this regard, teacher Diala López, vice-chancellor of the Bluefields compound, reported that "we meet to address specific issues, first analyzing the current context of the country and planning activities within the framework of the International Environment Week, which are aimed at understanding the importance of sustainable management and the conservation of natural resources".

Raising awareness of the population of Buelfields

One of the commitments of this institution is to have a positive impact on the Caribbean population, so it is intended to raise awareness of the benefits of natural resources, which through communication strategies: communication spaces available to the university, radio programs, advertising spots and vignettes.

Benefits of good environmental practices

Among the benefits that will be disclosed are: the emotional well-being that nature transmits, the promotion of plant care practices that are available to the community, which produce the release of stress and the cure of some diseases.

In the same sense, the vice-chancellor refers that "we are planning activities framed in the reflection by the university community and the population, focused on the connection of plants with oneself, in the search for emotional well-being, reflect how I can feel better being in a natural environment, a garden, for example".

The members of the committee who participated in the working session agreed to continue organizing environmental awareness actions with the university community.

"Next week we will continue with the organization of awareness actions framed in good environmental practices, inside the enclosure, and making an impact on the bluefileña community," concluded teacher Diala López.