Internationalization of knowledge and doing

By: Neylin Calderón

The Network of Intercultural and Community Indigenous Universities of Abya Yala (RUIICAY) held the first session of 2019 at the URACCAN facilities, in its Bilwi university campus, located in the municipality of Puerto Cabezas, Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast.

This activity involved rectors, rectors, representatives and coordinators of the universities that make up the network of countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Nicaragua with the aim of strengthening Intercultural Higher Education in Latin America.

Wisdom and knowledge

According to Professor Mario Fuentes, rector of the University of Bolivia (Unibol) Casimiro Huanca, these are spaces to discuss the advances, challenges and challenges of the Network of Universities, "One of the topics we want to talk about in depth is about CRES 2018," Fuentes said, adding that these learn "Because there are no differences, but rather we enter into a harmony because each country , every experience of each university is unique, it is a strength, in RUIICAY we learned unity from diversity," he emphasized.

For his part, Master Libio Palechor, honorary member of RUIICAY and part of the delegation of the National Intercultural Autonomous University (UAIIN) of Cauca, Colombia, shared that these sessions will discuss in depth the advances of universities from their participations in CRES 2018, "According to the pretensions of us as indigenous community and intercultural universities of Abya Yala" Palechor also argued that other topics to be covered "Are the research processes because we continue to work on building a new approach and would surely be a different paradigm in research," he stressed.

In this same sense, René Benítez, legal representative of the University of Southern Mexico (Unisur), argued that one of the advances that UNISUR has made in receiving contributions from the Network, "It has been the accompaniment that has to do with the dialogue of knowledge (...) in terms of the construction of the pedagogical model and above all the solidarity accompaniment," Benítez said.

Topics to be discussed

Among the topics that were discussed in this session was the presentation of the state of art of each university and its academic offerings, starting the teacher Lucelia Montenegro, coordinator of the IAUIN-Colombia, then the presentation of the Ixil University of Guatemala, the Amawtay Wasi Pluriversity of Ecuador and the University of Southern Mexico.