Training to various Caribbean sectors

By: José Garth Medina

URACCAN, in its university campus Las Minas, holds a training workshop on the management of environmental laws that protect and promote the protection, care and restoration of Bosawas, the most important ecological reserve in Nicaragua, aimed at the public and private sector, as well as territorial governments.

This activity is carried out within the framework of an alliance between URACCAN and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), for the development of training and training processes with local actors that are linked to the issue of the management of the Bosawas Biosphere, in the management of the forms, mechanisms and actions that occur in the context of the management of the reserve , according to Sergio Rodríguez Ruiz, coordinator of External Cooperation at the URACCAN Las Minas venue.

Its realization

These topics, through the workshop, are being worked in the North and South Caribbean region, taking place in New Guinea, Bilwi, Bluefields and Siuna, with actors such as the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Marena), Municipal Mayor, Indigenous Territorial Government (GTI), rangers and owners of entrepreneurial initiatives.

This process is part of the joint work by the conservation of two ecosystem habitats in the Bosawas Biosphere, in Honduras and Nicaragua, funded by WCS.

The workshop is providing the legal scaffolding associated with the issue of protection and conservation of ecosystems, wild and marine, that allow to develop legal processes of legal claims, using the legal handle of the country.


According to Luis Herrera Siles, coordinator of the Institute of Studies and Promotion of Autonomia (IEPA-URACCAN), in the Las Minas campus, the problem about the care of Mother Earth is being discussed, within the framework of the alliances between URACCAN and the public, private and cooperative and community sector.

"These processes are training community leaders, indigenous territorial governments, rangers and institutions to be part of the restoration and conversation process in Bosawas," Siles said.

URACCAN as an institution of Higher Education, intercultural community has been promoting, since its mission and mission, care, protection and harmony with Mother Earth, developing concrete actions from its Natural laboratories, communication laboratories and institutional substantive areas.