Representations of URACCAN's 4 venues

By: José Garth Medina and Juan Polanco Hernández

Within the framework of the Latin American Innovation Rally, URACCAN authorities develop a workshop with students who will participate in the activity this October 04 and 05 of the present. This workshop preparation is carried out with the aim of strengthening the skills, skills and skills, of the participants who will represent URACCAN, and is held in the URACCAN Las Minas venue, which will also host the Rally in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

Reinforcement and instructions

A multidisciplinary team is reinforcing the content that will be addressed during the challenges proposed for the Rally, which are based on innovation for social transformation, CANVAS methodology, video development, intercultural gender perspective for social transformation, team building and stress management.

Elkis Aismara Ortega, SITICI coordinator at URACCAN Las Minas, said an induction process is being developed for students from the four venues who have traveled to Siuna to participate in the Latin American Rally.

"Today we start with video editing, then there will be talks of innovation, intercultural gender perspective for social transformation, the Canvas methodology and then the teams will be formed with the help of the psychologist of the venue," Ortega explained.

In addition, Heydi Forbes, coordinator of the Center for Community Intercultural Innovation, Slilma, at the URACCAN Bilwi campus, commented that this is the first time she has participated, adding that it is a space of paramount importance, since from the Intercultural Community University is promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship with students.

Innovation workshop"We want them to participate in the Rally, not just for participating or for a prize, we are participating because we want to appropriate an open innovation methodology, from their classes, from their careers and that their ideas can apply them for social change," Forbes shared.

Previous expectations

For their part, the students participating in this Rally, feel committed to the project and above all, to the model of innovation and community and intercultural entrepreneurship of URACCAN. In this sense, Joernely Janine St.Claer Smith, a psychology student at URACCAN Bluefields, referred to the new personal experience and as an institution, since "At URACCAN it is the first time we have participated in a Latin American rally and I am very proud to represent the multicultural university," he said.

In addition, Elton Benites Thomas, student of the Bilwi campus; Jhony Wilfredo Simons Pérez, a student from the New Guinea campus, and Joveily Juárez, a student at Las Minas, commented on the contributions this experience brings to their knowledge and abilities, but also to their social and community commitment. They also mentioned the opportunities that come with them the experience they will gain from participating in this international proposal, as well as the satisfaction of sharing with others and others.

Finally, the master's degree Ariel Chavarría, academic secretary of the URACCAN Las Minas campus, mentioned the importance of the participation of students from the different URACCAN venues, "They are strengthening with different areas of knowledge, since for 28 hours, they will solve the challenges posed by the rally through their knowledge," he said.