From campus in New Guinea

By: Yulmar Montoya

The First Intercultural Community University in Latin America, graduated 159 new professionals who will contribute to the development with identity of the peoples and the strengthening of the Regional Autonomy of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, in a solemn event held in the Sports Center of the City of New Guinea.

During the ceremony, students emotionally shared their feelings of gratitude to their teachers for teaching them with dedication and dedication during their walk, highlighting the role developed by URACCAN during their studies, highlighting their Educational Model.

Dr. Leonor Ruiz Calderón, vice-chancellor URACCAN Las Minas campus, delegated by Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, to preside over the act and delivery of the new professionals, said "It is an honor for me and for the entire university community of this study house, to deliver new professionals to the society of New Guinea, South Caribbean".

"25 years after weaving interculturality with peoples, we continue to fulfill our mission of training men and women who contribute to the development and good life of the original, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples," said Dr. Ruiz, who also sworn in the new professionals of this territory.

URACCAN, since its mission has determined the formation of men and women with knowledge, knowledge, capacities, values, principles, humanist attitudes, a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, in balance and harmony with Mother Earth for the strengthening of the Autonomy of Peoples.

Graduation"Today we celebrate the harvest and fruits of great effort, sacrifice, and dedication; 159 new professionals, men and women at the level of teachers and professors of Middle Education, Senior Technician, Bachelor's and Engineering; they have completed their studies to continue contributing to the Caribbean Coast's continued development and thus radiate Nicaragua to our country," she said.

Educate for life and good living

In the midst of development where globalization is increasingly gaining ground, the implementation of a relevant education consistent with the life plans of peoples, the care and protection of Mother Earth, as a fundamental and indispensable element for life itself, in this sense, the URACCAN, from its raison d'each, focuses on ensuring the relevance of its educational plans is decisive.

"As URACCAN, we are committed to being the space for the formation of men and women who contribute with innovative and relevant proposals to build together the Good Living and Development with Identity, which is the philosophy of life of peoples that seeks harmony between the spiritual and the material, in balance with Mother Earth, fostering happiness , community life, brotherhood and complementarity from the worldview of each of the peoples," Ruiz said.

Finally, Dr. Leonor argued that the university not only awards professional degrees and degrees, but "also has the hallmark, a set of opportunities for development and progress in New Guinea and its communities, as well as a source of training, knowledge generation and value transmission, which undoubtedly help to improve society and develop intercultural citizenship" Concluded.