Academic secretariat and teachers session of the Bilwi campus

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN continues to work to strengthen the regional processes of the Autonomous Regions, creating new professionals committed to the peoples of the Caribbean Coast, which is why teachers who will deliver the modules in the propedeutic course of the 2020 school year are already being organized to start on January 06 for regular courses and january 11 for Saturday shifts , at the Bilwi compound.

In this context, teacher Ivonne McLean, Academic secretary of URACCAN Bilwi campus stated that this course lasts for one month "The propedeutic course has 4 modules, one is Institutional Philosophy, Vocational Orientation, Oral and Written Communication and Mathematics for Life", adding that, it has as its main purpose "To strengthen basic knowledge in communication and mathematics, but also to make them known about our philosophy as an intercultural community university and also to talk to them a little about vocational orientation , that we know students come sometimes without knowing what careers they want," McLean said.

Entering college

It should be mentioned that this propedeutic course serves as a mechanism of entry to the university, because the completion of the four modules is made a selection process "Where students have demonstrated their skills, their skills, attitudes and skills, all these aspects are evaluated and according to the results then the results appear... the minimum qualification to pass is 60 except for Medicine which is 70," said teacher Ivonne McLean.

Trainers of new professionals

It is important to note that since URACCAN in its Bilwi university campus, in this 2019 "We graduated 180 students", said McLean, in addition "We have a thousand 520 students at the level of degrees and postgraduates... in continuing education we have more than 2,200 students in courses, workshops, diplomas," the teacher said.

URACCAN continues to work to continue to train men and women with ideals, values and especially commitments to the development of the Caribbean Coast, that is why from the Bilwi venue, including the Waspam extension are offered 7 degrees, 3 engineering and 2 superior technicians.