MINSA conducts vaccination day at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Photo courtesy URACCAN
Josselyn Flores

The URACCAN Bluefields venue participated in the vaccination day promoted by the Ministry of Health, in order to prevent seasonal influenza and influenza. These efforts to contribute to the protection of the health of the staff of this house of higher education are carried out from the Institute of Intercultural Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC).

These medical days at the university are promoted to ensure the care of URACCAN workers' staff, as stated by IMTRADEC Coordinated Teacher Grace Kelly.

According to Kelly, "the vaccine being applied is against Influenza, a respiratory infection that tends to be dangerous; this vaccine helps create a system of protection in the body."

In the same context, the mechanism with which work was worked on this health day was highlighted in implementing the necessary measures in the prevention of COVID-19.

To the above, the teacher stated that "what we did was also practice the prevention of coronavirus, so we created entry and exit points, so that people did not have agglomeration in place and maintain social estating."

For the URACCAN family, promoting these health promotion spaces is substantial for the safety of the university community.

Teacher Grace said that "we have always talked about the importance of information and if we manage it we must implement it, so we know that there is a health system that guarantees vaccination, it is our duty to take advantage of it to be healthy."

Health personnel at the Bluefields compound shared a message about prevention measures to prevent viral diseases. Similarly, he spoke about the importance of applying this vaccine.

According to Dr. Ariel López, an internist, the vaccine applies to children from six months to twenty-three and adults in their forties and five years, or people with chronic diseases; on this day it is being applied to people who have direct contact with the population, in this case those who work in institutions.