Polling station members at URACCAN Bluefields venue receive training for 2021 elections
Training polling station members at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Josselyn Flores

Accompaniment by the electoral committee

As part of the URACCAN 2021 electoral process, efforts have been under way to ensure a true civic and democratic holiday, one of these processes is the training of polling station members in the different venues.

On this occasion, the training session by the URACCAN Electoral Committee was held at URACCAN venue Bluefields. According to Teacher Bernardine Dixon, Chair of the Electoral Committee, the timetable approved by the URACCAN University Council (CUU) is being fulfilled so that all stipulated activities are carried out in a timely way.

"We address the generalities of why to conduct this electoral process, about the organization and structure that the university has to execute the election processes," Dixon explained

Similarly, during this space, table members were informed about their roles during this process. For this reason, Dixon stated that the expectations for these university election parties is that they can be taken with peace of mind, "as part of our intercultural community values and principles, so we have to make the university community see that we are fulfilling our philosophy," he said.

Finally, the chairwoman of the committee explained that "we have regulations and regulations, so the idea is that we enforce them. We are motivating members, explaining that we are a team, each with the function of securing this whole process, that is the mandate given to us by the University Council," he concluded.