Large student influx during the opening of the second semester
The vice-chancellor of URACCAN precinct New Guinea welcoming one of the student groups.
Judith Robleto

URACCAN University, in all its campuses, has started its second semester of the 2020 school year. On the New Guinea campus, since the weekend and the current week, there has been a large influx of young students from different careers, in fortnightly and regular mode. Bimonthly courses will begin on August 22nd.

In this sense, the enclosure authorities, such as Vice-Chancellor, Academic Secretary and career coordinations visited the classrooms, where in addition to giving emotional welcome, they invited the student to comply with coVID-19 prevention measures.

The teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary, states that "visiting the class groups allows us, not only to welcome them, but also to invite them to stay in their classes complying with the care, both individually and collectively, through the practice of the URACCAN prevention protocol."

For its part, the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the campus, argues that "as a university and by guidance from the rector and the Ministry of Health itself, we have arranged spaces, inputs and prevention equipment COVID-19, to avoid contagion among the university community, and now we are reminding everyone that we are each responsible for taking care of ourselves, but in addition to taking care of our classmate , to our teacher, using these measures."

The authorities reminded the student that the classes will continue to be developed through the per-meeting modality; in this way it is expected that in personhood will be for short periods, to reduce risks of contagion. The orientations and contents will be facilitated through the virtual platform of URACCAN, through the constant accompaniment, quality and warmth to ensure the success of the teaching-learning process.