Joint working session

By: Betty Omier

The Intercultural Community University, URACCAN, works for community rapprochement and accompaniment, in this regard, from the URACCAN Bluefields campus, partnerships are made with the Autonomous Regional Government of the South Caribbean Coast, through a joint working session, with the aim of defining lines of work, which will be the fundamental basis for the construction and signing of a cooperation agreement , between the two institutions.

URACCAN is an institutional life project of its own, articulated in accordance with the historical aspirations and demands of indigenous peoples, Afro descendants and half-breeds of the Caribbean Coast, to enjoy a model of development with identity, built from the sociocultural bases, promoting and strengthening the exercise of collective rights, identities, worldviews, spiritualities, forms of organization, cultures, knowledge systems and practices.

SessionFor its part, the Regional Government of the Costa Caribe Sur Autonomous Region (GRACCS) has the mission of directing, coordinating and implementing the processes of economic, social and political development of indigenous peoples, ethnic and Afro-descendant communities of the region, by promoting linguistic, cultural, ethnic rights, citizen participation, territorial ordering and institutional strengthening, with the aim of ensuring sustainable human development and improving the quality of life of the costaña families.

Institutional articulation

Based on their work and the quest to strengthen Multi-Ethnic Regional Autonomy, both institutions make the decision to resume the articulated work, which for many years they have been carrying out, through their substantial areas.

In this sense, the authorities of these institutions, guide the organization of a joint working session, as a first approach to the planning and definition of lines of work to be promoted, with reference to the Development Plan of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast and its action plan, as well as the URACCAN Strategic Plan, both under construction , validation and approval.