Thematic axes that contribute to the Education System

By: Juan Polanco Hernández

Under the motto "Innovating and Learning for Sustainable Development", the Fourth National Congress of Nicaraguan Higher Education was inaugurated, involving the entire university community of the country, in order to share and socialize the work of national universities, as well as their perspectives, advances and challenges during the training of professionals in the country.

This Congress, has as main axes of development, the Quality of Education, Internationalization of Education, University for Peace, Joint Work of the National Educational System and also Interculturality in Education, of which Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, is coordinator during the development of the event.

In addition, this Congress seeks to strengthen the quality of Higher Education through reflection, and the exchange of experiences, as well as rescue experiences, good practices and new approaches to quality assurance in research, teaching and extension, as substantial elements in the university work.


During the opening of the event, Master Ramona Rodríguez, president of the National Council of Universities (UNC), emphasized the importance of the realization of this event and the importance of the joint effort of the participating universities, also taking a tour of each of the axes of the Congress.

In the same sense, this national area allows to strengthen efforts in the processes of articulation of the national education system, ensuring the relevance and coherence in integral, inclusive and equitable training in the country.

Interculturality and education

According to the president of the UNC, Higher Education in Nicaragua has made progress on the issue of interculturalization of education, highlighting the work of URACCAN in the processes of Intercultural Community University, and quoting Dr. Francisco Tamarit, in his call to preserve the culture of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples through Higher Education.

In addition, the professor assured that these axes proposed for Congress "must underpin the work that will be done during this congress... Because I'm sure that together and together we will strengthen Nicaraguan Higher Education," he said.

Finally, Master Rodriguez referred to the demands that the Nicaraguan education system must have, mentioning that "It is necessary to put the urgencies of change into perspective because we require a more open, more inclusive, interdisciplinary university... We must thrill, we must have a vocation, be entrepreneurs, visionaries, train students for life, to undertake," he added.