Austrian students intern at URACCAN

By: José Garth Medina

Photos: Luis Jirón

In its institutional educational project, URACCAN proposes an accompaniment to the process of strengthening the university as well as the empowerment of human resources with equal opportunities for men and women for the integral socio-economic development of the autonomous regions of Nicaragua. 

On this walk, students originally from Austria, Alex Furtner, Selin Baran and Riucarda Sutter, will be in URACCAN, in their university campus Las Minas, visiting Waslala and later traveling to Siuna, with the aim of potentializing their knowledge, according to the master Sergio Rodríguez Ruz, coordinator of Cooperation, Complementarity and National and International Solidarity of URACCAN Las Minas.

First impressions

Alex Furtner, studied International Development and Socio-Economy, and assured that it is a holistic way of looking at things, it is a very small institute, but very critical to the approach of growth, in Europe growth is increasingly important and "I think it is very important what you do here with the Good Living, that not only is economic growth important" Said.

For her part, Ricarda Sutter said her first career was environmental management and now studies environmental economics, she also commented that she is very interested in the issues of Good Living, and now works in a nature reserve in Austria with children, as an environmental educator and is delighted to be at URACCAN.

Session with Austrian studentsIn addition, Selin Baran, concluded his career of economics and on his return he will go to university and seek a postgraduate degree, made a specialization in the area of international management; in that practice, the idea is social and public communication.

Similarly, Ph.D. Leonor Ruiz Calderón, vice-chancellor of URACCAN las Minas, in a conversational conversation she held with the three Austrian students, explained that the Northern Caribbean region of Nicaragua has community economies, indigenous economies, which are part of social development in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

The three Austrian students have toured other departments in the country, where Horizont 3000 executes projects, as some of them work on the project evaluation topic.

On the other hand, Sergio Rodríguez Ruiz, said that this is an initiative on the topic of Knowledge Management, in the search to ensure that young people who graduate from international universities, can contribute to the development of processes related to economics, climate change and internationalization from cooperation.