An opportunity for all

By: Neylin Calderón

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, August 20th of the current, at the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship "Slilma", in the Bilwi venue of the URACCAN, an informative talk was held on the registrations and the possibility of participating in the "Hackaton Nicaragua 2019".

During the activity, Professor Roberto Blandino, coordinator of the Open Online University of Nicaragua (UALN-UNC), said he was happy to be back in the Slilma, arguing that "it represents for us a hope of having a space where different things can be done, all of us here are experiencing a new stage," Blandino said to refer to technology "but for us educators is not only the change , if not the possibility of training, training in the skills demanded by a new market," he said.

InterventionIn addition, Blandino assured that innovation and entrepreneurship "are new words that one has to get used to", because these are involved by groups of people trying to change the country, "every young person is part of society and they have a space and that space has to build it," he added.

URACCAN in innovation

The National Council of Universities (UNC), "is a facilitation body... it's good to exchange experiences, good practices, so what the council does is facilitate, promote," these kinds of activities with new ideas and creators, as well as "facilitate the way for universities to find their work more easily," Blandino added.

With regard to the work of the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship, Slilma, the teacher stated that, through the ease of calls, we see the great work that is being done, "here is the Ministry of Education, here is the Inatec, there are students purely from the university, from other universities, from organizations, then we see the good work that the center is doing" Ended.