Rosita university extension remodels its library "Flor de Pino"
Photo courtesy of Deysi Chavarría, where a young university student is seen in the process of bibliographic consultation.
Maicol Lagos

The Flor de Pino library is located in the extension of URACCAN in Rosita and was recently remodeled to offer optimal conditions and better serve the university community, as well as the elementary and secondary students of the municipality who visit it in search of knowledge.

Teacher Estebana Altamirano, head of the Flor de Pino library in Rosita, said they now have better conditions and there is better attention to users, who arrive for the different services offered by this space, such as: loans of bibliographic materials, maps and computer services with Internet access.

"Currently, the library has a wider, more comfortable area, so that the users who attend can make use of the bibliography and other services, taking preventive measures in the face of the pandemic we live in," Altamirano said.

The Flor de Pino library currently has 6,314 bibliographic materials; of these, 4,953 are books, 348 course papers, 767 journals, 249 monographs and research theses.

Altamirano explained that URACCAN has 32 databases for searching for academic information online and that they all have up-to-date materials, and can be accessed from anywhere through this institution's website.   

"With the pandemic, students can enter from anywhere by entering the URACCAN website, but there are also mobile applications," said teacher Altamirano, indicating that chlorine equipment is disinfected in the library for three times a day, tables, computers, and, in the case of books that lend themselves and return them are cleaned , they go through a grooming process in a separate place and are then returned to the shelf.

Demand for library services fell in the first half of 2020 due to the pandemic, from 4,522 to about 1,708 requests for services.

This library is in increased demand from students and faculty in the extension university community and, to a lesser extent, elementary and secondary students.

URACCAN has the mission of forming the human talent of the Caribbean Coast through a relevant education, for this purpose it has, in its four enclosures, libraries and technological equipment to strengthen the teaching-learning processes of its university community.