Capacity building in the educational process of sociology students
The teacher emphasized suitable professional relationships and development in environments of formative and labor pressure.
Josselyn Flores

Strengthening educational relevance in multi-ethnic contexts

From the Bluefields campus, Mr. Mario Mejía developed the second presentation of the Sam Pitts Scientific Conference of Teachers, using the theme "Capacity building in the educational process of sociology students". The academic began his presentation explaining the challenges of higher education, emphasizing that "as a university we face different challenges to develop capacities; according to Villárraga 2017, recognizes the need for access to quality education and that this education responds to innate needs to the multicultural and multi-ethnic context, such as that of us, and that social justice be promoted above all."

Mejía continued to ensure that "skills relate to social and individual well-being must be inclusive of women; human relations, education policies tailored to reality and context must also be incorporated."

Educational skills from the multi-ethnic context

"We have a multi-ethnic regional regional system that serves as a scaffolding to continue an intercultural community education and that is why we wondered what our sociology professionals are developing human, social, emotional and cognitive abilities? For this reason the study was carried out and identify what are those capabilities that we are building and what are those limitations to be able to enhance them through pedagogical strategies from our enclosures."

"We emphasize that the emotional abilities among students evaluated as facilitators of educational processes are embodied in the curriculum Maya, as well as in the different academic activities," the researcher emphasized.

As a conclusion of the presentation, Mr. Mejía presented an important point from the capacities of students and is that "the control of emotions must reach its climax in the training process and in the development of suitable professional relationships, which allows them to issue and receive constructive criticism in contexts of formative and labor pressure".