URACCAN University Council holds its last session of the year at the Las Minas campus
Dr. Alta Hooker reported on the work done by URACCAN at the national and international levels.
José Garth Medina

Strengthening college work

In the Las Minas campus was held the ordinary session number four of 2020 of the Honorable University Council of URACCAN (CUU), led by the rector of this institution of higher education, Dr. Alta Hooker, and where the president of the Electoral Committee was elected, who will organize the whole process for the elections of the authorities of this house of study in 2021.

The Bernardine Dixon Master's Degree, director of the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), was elected as chair of the Electoral Committee and agreed to join the rest of its members in the session in January 2021. The honorable members of the CUU agreed that the process should be carried out in an atmosphere of fraternity and total harmony to strengthen the institutionality and proper functioning of this house of study.

In addition, the full of the CUU approved the profile of URACCAN's Intercultural Communication Laboratories, URACCAN's Intercultural Communication Laboratories Regulations and URACCAN's Editorial Line of Intercultural Communication, documents submitted by the director of the URACCAN Institute of Intercultural Communication, MSc. Yulmar Montoya Ortega.

For her part, the teacher Letisia Castillo Gómez, academic director of URACCAN, presented the regulations of the Science Laboratories and admissions policy, which was also approved by the CUU. This policy contains the basic elements of equitable admission procedures and criteria in line with the institution's academic programmes.

The draft Electoral Regulations Reforms was also approved during the CUU, to strengthen this same process, which will be implemented in next year's elections.

Dr. Alta Hooker provided an overview of the work done by this higher education house at the country and internationally, thanking all CUU members for their support and asked them to continue working for strengthening the institution.

At URACCAN, the CUU is the ultimate decision-maker and this is where the future of this Caribbean Coast higher education house is decided.