Fight against COVID-19 continues on the Bluefields campus: informational posters and awareness-raising processes
The posters are written in Spanish and English, with information accessible to the entire university community.
Josselyn Flores

Promoting the self-care and collective well-being of the university community

In compliance with the care protocol implemented in URACCAN to protect the university community, Bluefields campus authorities launched an information campaign that hopes to appropriate the student from COVID-19 preventive measures, as well as other important practices to contribute to collective well-being.

In response, various awareness-raising actions have been promoted, between talks to teachers and students, coordinations with the Ministry of Health in the region, for the disinfection and fumigation of the university's facilities and resources, as well as briefings on the approach of the pandemic in multicultural contexts.

In the same sense, from the area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety and Student Welfare, the initiative to create posters with educational content on health regulations emerged, to contribute to the reduction of the risk of contagion by coronavirus and other diseases, which are being placed in common areas of the enclosure.

In response, Ing. Katherine Flores, Technique of Hygiene and Safety of Work, reported that "we are placing tokens with content according to the protocol, illustrating the use of masks, hand washing, in the same way orientations that we must follow: not touching our face, eyes, nose or mouth, because we know that they are areas prone to contamination of the virus". They also refer to social estating, raising awareness of self-care and solidarity with others.

"We do this to remind each and all of us that we must remain steadfast in care; we are currently in a dangerous season, with the advent of winter vector diseases such as dengue and malaria are generated, so we are running a strong campaign on preventive measures," Flores explained.

This process involved the graduate Leydi Kelly, an officer in the Student Welfare area, who accompanied in the distribution of posters in the boarding school of students and in the awareness of this student group.