Successfully completes life skills and employability training
Some of the young people who received the training, in person. Other selected ones participated virtually.
Josselyn Flores

These young men are committed to representing their alma mater.

The workshop on Life Skills and Employability, promoted from the Graduate Monitoring area and aimed at selected young people from the Apprenticeship Initiative project, concluded successfully, moving on to the next stage: working in the different companies in which they were hired.

In that sense, the MSc. Silvan Fagan, coordinator of the Graduate Follow-up area, stated that "Twenty-eight boys have been trained to face the field of work, as well as strengthen a positive and proactive attitude; we are confident that they will be able to perform excellently, in the different positions they will be in."

With this initiative, URACCAN has made these twenty-eight young people available to companies and institutions to contribute to the development of the Caribbean Coast, from different professional spaces.

It should be noted that a group of project beneficiaries participated in the face-to-face manner from the Bluefields venue; similarly, the selected boys were in the municipalities where the project was executed, but through virtuality.

Results achieved in the workshop

"We consider it a success for the apprentices who were present and those who were virtual, who are the ones who participate in the other municipalities," Master Fagan explained.

During the training, the professionalism of the young people was remarkable, maintaining punctuality, respect for their peers and the teachers who taught the subjects.

URACCAN accompaniment to its graduates

The Graduate Follow-up Coordinator highlighted URACCAN's commitment to promoting these spaces of opportunity in its graduate students. "The success with which the project has continued motivates us to continue promoting these initiatives that contribute to the development of regional autonomy of the Caribbean Coast," the teacher said.

For her part, teacher Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of the Bluefields precinct, turned to the apprentices ingesting and motivating them to continue on that career path by which they trained professionally, with a commitment to represent their alma mater in their workspaces.

"This process continues with the goal of getting your knowledge and capabilities better every day. To each of you, successes on this new path in which you must represent your intercultural community university; now you will do it from the outside, what we call community social extension," Guillén exhorted.

Teacher Gladys Romero, facilitator of the training, stated that "for the group of training consultants it has been a pleasure to share with you this time, we extend our thanks to the institution and project coordinators for the opportunity to be part of you in this teaching process. We have emphasized the attitude and importance that comes to you in your job performance now maintaining the commitment to the benefit that the university has given you and the Aprendo y Emprendo project from the space where you will exercise the work part."