Las Minas Campus Commission of Inquiry reviews protocols and profiles
Research Commission of the Area of Economic and Administrative Sciences of URACCAN Las Minas.
José Garth Medina

Forms of completion of studies allow students to deploy all their research capabilities.

Members of the Research Commission of the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences of URACCAN Las Minas met to review and approve protocols and research profiles of students who are in their process of completion studies, thus made known by the coordinator of that area, master's degree Aura María Gonzales.

Teacher Gonzales explained that the following profiles were reviewed at this meeting: from the Public Accounting and Auditing career, "Financial Situation in the Transport Services Cooperative Commander Germán Pomares Ordóñez R.L.", of the graduate students Neymi Raúl Orozco Mairena and Abisai Vanegas Díaz.

In addition, the profile of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with mention in Banking and Finance was revised and approved, with the theme "Socioeconomic impact of artisanal mining on families in the sector of Hyland Mery Bonanza, 2020", of the graduates Erika Carmona Cárcamo and Angelica Jiménez Taylor.

Teacher Gonzales noted that another of the revised profiles is that of Geyllin Ellieth Siles Herrera and Yuri Selena Caballero Matamoros, who will work on the research topic "Factors that affect the price hike of the basic basket in Bonanza, 2019-2020".

Zaira María Reyes Salgado and Griselda María Meregildo Sebastián will be researching the theme "Economic sustainability of the community of Sakalwas, Bonanza 2019".

At the meeting, the research protocol of Angela Jasmari Salgado Altamirano and Mercedes Josefa Picado Cruz, of the career of Business Administration with mention in Banking and Finance, was also reviewed and approved, with the theme "Organizational Culture at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Siuna -2020".

The academic regime of URACCAN states that the forms of completion of studies are intended to assess the degree of initiative, creativity, mastery, and application of the knowledge, habits, and research skills defined in the professional profile of the respective careers.