Closing of the Doctoral Workshop: International Curriculum Adequacy of the Doctoral Program in Intercultural Studies

Appreciation and spaces for reflection

By: Juan Polanco Hernández

URACCAN and the Network of Indigenous, Intercultural and Community Universities of Abya Yala (RUIICAY), completed the Doctoral Workshop: International Curriculum Adequacy of the Doctoral Program in Intercultural Studies, carried out within the framework of the NORHED project "RUIICAY-HIOA Program for Linking in Intercultural Communication", sponsored by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), with various looks and contributions from the experience of each participant in their , institutions and countries.

In this regard, the rector of URACCAN and coordinator of RUIICAY, Dr. Alta Hooker, thanked each of the participants for having attended the call and sharing, reflecting and contributing in this process of international adaptation of the intercultural doctoral program of URACCAN.

"This allowed us and us to have a horizontal dialogue, where students, facilitators, rectors, rectors, vice-chancellors, were able to share their ideas in this space of sharing. For URACCAN this process means knitting and building a goal of our walk and we thank them very much," said Rector Hooker.

In addition, the rector highlighted each of the contributions during the Workshop, recognizing that through them, a broad and detailed reflection was made, on topics and experiences that are of vital importance to the processes of peoples and intercultural community universities.

Weaving processes step by step

Also, during the closing of this event, Rector Hooker emphasized models and processes specific to URACCAN and RUIICAY, highlighting the articulated work of local, regional, national and international organizations, for the construction of intercultural educational programs and projects and overcoming the various challenges and challenges.

"The fabrics never come out perfect, we have to sometimes fray and re-weave, until we achieve things as we dream and aspire, and that's why, with the contributions they have given us, we will continue to work and integrate the obervations," Dr Hooker said.

Thank you from reason and heart

For his part, Daniel Mato, researcher at the UNESCO International Institute for Education (Iesalc), thanked URACCAN for the opportunity provided and to make him participate in the PhD process in Intercultural Studies and the International Doctoral Adequacy Workshop, "Thank you very much for the affection, for the warmth, for all that you have given us and give us permanently, thank you very much" Said.

"I want to say that I have a deep appreciation for this research, for being able to express and listen to so many things and to know that we are all with the same interest of having our own doctoral training proposal, out of the bowels of all Latin Americans and the Caribbean," said Dr. Dora Inés Calderón, professor of the inter-agency doctoral program of education at Francisco José de Caldas University Colombia.

Finally, Dr Hooker, said, "We have many challenges ahead of us and if you hadn't come, if you hadn't shared your ideas, otherwise you would have contributed us in everything that has to do with the PhD, with CCRISAC, that would make our walk much more complex and that's why we thank you and we will always be here for you and here we will continue to build our way , thank you so much to each of you who accompanied us," he concluded.