CEIMM-URACCAN from Bluefields launches radio program "My Voice, My Experience"
Photo courtesy URACCAN
Josselyn Flores

Raising awareness of the costly youth

URACCAN's Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) in Bluefields launched the radio program "My Voice, My Experience: Clarifying Doubts about Violence and Discrimination", which aims to educate and raise awareness of these issues.

This program empowers communities to their right to raise their voices in the face of any form of violence and discrimination, so that they make conscious and responsible use of their freedoms, for the healthy development of their personal and collective lives.

According to Velia Sevilla, territorial technique of the CEIMM and responsible for the program, this center "has an awareness plan, which we comply with within the university community and the general population of Bluefields and surrounding communities, reaching the multi-ethnic peoples of the South Caribbean Coast".

Participation of students and teachers

It is appropriate to explain that the radio broadcasts will also have the participation of students and teachers, within the framework of the subject Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights throughout the semester.

In this regard, during the second broadcast of the program, Agroforestry Engineering students shared information about sex education with the student audience. The young Martha Carmona expressed that the "idea was to raise awareness among the sexually and reproductively appropriate populations, so that they avoid various situations in which they may lament in the future."

Similarly, student Rafael Centeno stated that "the most important thing about addressing these issues is that they are little addressed in our homes; today, progress has been made in society so that this ceases to be taboo, for example, in our university we are talking about it to raise awareness of both young people and parents in terms of sexual and reproductive rights."

Seville explained that "they have started by addressing issues of sexuality with the idea that these young people, by receiving classroom training, are also agents of change; they also contribute to society and our communities with that information they are receiving; and the way we apply it to our daily life."

Importance of promoting sexual and reproductive rights.

The Licda. María Fernanda Guillén, teacher of the Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights class, emphasized the importance of imparting educational topics around sexuality. "This subject is taught to students with the aim of informing youth about sexual practices, between the difference in sex and sexuality; as teachers we help educate our students in the responsibilities of sexuality, encompassing what their sexual rights are," Guillén said.

Radio transmission in the RUB

It should be noted that this program led by CEIMM is broadcast on Radio URACCAN Bluefields on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 AM.