By: Judith Robleto

CADEP-URACCAN participated in the closing day of the Acacia project, recently carried out at the University of Antofagasta, Chile, so that all the work could be realized since the work of the tasks assigned in the technical memory could be realized.

Dr. Blanca Centeno, Mibsam Aragón and Dr. William Flores, joined the work of the package, which convenes to review the baseline, baseline or baseline indicators, which is the first measurement of all the indicators contemplated in the design of a social development project which "allows to know the value of the indicators at the time of the planned actions , that is, it establishes the starting point of the project or intervention, from the proper functioning of higher education institutions that have a CADEP", says Dr. Centeno, coordinator of CADEP URACCAN.

The activity allowed the presentation of a report by the overall coordination of the Project and Quality Package with Dr. Olga Lucia and Dr. William Flores, on the progress of each package with its deliverables.