Briefing with URACCAN teaching guild Bilwi venue
Vice-Chancellor Enrique Cordón addressing the faculty.
Neylin Calderon

Vice-chancellor of the Bilwi compound held an assembly with the teaching guild to explain the current situation regarding the coronavirus and communicate the guidance of the URACCAN authorities to continue the educational program.

"We follow and maintain classes normally and, according to changes on stage, to that extent we will adjust our operation," said Vice-Chancellor Enrique Cordón.

To comply with the institutional security protocol, the Bilwi compound is sharing "the prevention measures that are being taken and some adjustments we are making to the infrastructure, where we can ensure hand washing in each of the corners of the premises," Cordón said.

Student Community Assistance Remains Stable

Cordon emphasized that quarterly students are on exams, while 6-monthly students begin next week. "We make a daily assessment of on-site attendance; so far we have an average attendance of 85% in the morning shift, also the afternoon shift has remained quite stable and that is in the range we have normally had in operation," the vice-chancellor reported.

In conclusion, he called for staying calm and continuing the educational pace, always taking all necessary prevention measures, so that students "are incorporated into the educational process we are carrying out; it is important that you are part of this process and that you can bring calm not only here (university), but also to your homes, so that we can function normally in the enclosure," concluded PhD Enrique Cordón.