Student Welfare

Student Welfare

The student welfare area is responsible for organizing the care of the student, through the management of support with the different instances of URACCAN in the search for solutions to situations that students may present, must carry out activities that have the purpose of guaranteeing the permanence, improving academic performance and completion of the professional training of the students.

Within the functions are: to ensure that the conditions and quality of the services provided to students are adequate, provide psychological and guidance care to students, promote sports and cultural activities as part of integral and humanist training.

Student welfare is responsible for accompanying the process of adapting students of new income and internal scholarships through mechanisms that allow their stay in the university, makes known to students the types of scholarships, mechanisms to access them and follows up on scholarships.

To carry out awareness campaigns with students on care and protection of the environment, identity, gender and revitalization and strengthening of the cultures of the different peoples.

Lines of Action

The student welfare management is responsible for ensuring student care processes, ensuring that the student welfare area in each campus has all the necessary staff to provide care and accompaniment to students. It also provides direct attention to the student representatives of each campus and accompany in the realization of activities of the student movement to ensure its development, promotes and generates changes for the benefit of students, ensures the articulation between student welfare of the campus with student presidents and academic secretaries.

It also monitors the work carried out by staff in this area in each campus to improve the conditions of internal students and student residences, promotes the scholarship systems and complementary services that promote student development, promotes culture and sport in the university.


The area of student well-being consists of: Mr. Ada Rodríguez Chow, responsible for the area in the campus, graduated in Psychology, Miskitu ethnicity; Mr. Jhonny Rivas Taylor, head of university residency, degree in Sociology, Mayangna ethnicity; Rocky Maybeth Castle promoter of culture-dance, Creole ethnicity; Nelson Scott Martinez, promoter of culture-singing, Miskitu ethnicity.    

The area of student well-being consists of: Mr. Lola Lissette Newball, responsible for the area in the enclosure, degree in Psychology and a degree in Computer Science, Creole ethnicity; Ing. Axel Molina Gaitán, culture promoter, agroforestry engineer, mestiza ethnicity; Mr. Carlos Kelly, sports promoter, degree in sociology, Creole ethnicity; Mr. Leyddi Susana Kelly Obando, responsible university residence, Bachelor of Administrative Informatics, Creole ethnicity; Mr. Ronald Hodgson, responsible university residence, degree in Biology, Creole ethnicity.

The area of student well-being consists of: Msc: Vania Chavarría Vigil, responsible for the area in the enclosure, degree in Psychology, master in university teaching, mestiza ethnicity; Juan Antonio Torres, promoter of culture, mestiza ethnicity; Uriel Velasquez Blanco, sports promoter, Creole ethnic group; Mr. Josué Alfaro Poveda, responsible university residence, Bachelor of Social Sciences with mention in Local Development, miskitu ethnicity.

The student welfare area consists of: Msc. Yamilex del Socorro Aguilar Pérez, responsible for the area in the campus, degree in business administration and master's degree in university teaching, mestiza ethnicity; Msp. Josefina Leonor Connolly Salazar, promoter of culture and student care, degree in psychology and Master in sexual and reproductive health, Creole ethnicity; Msc. Iveth del Rosario Blandón Acuña, responsible university residence, engineer in Zootecnia and Master in University teaching, Mestiza ethnicity; Msc. Manuel Antonio Cruz Benavidez, sports promoter, bachelor of education sciences with mention in History and Master's degree in comparative education, Mestiza ethnicity.