Intercultural communicators strengthen

Jose Garth Medina

In order to radiate with intercultural communication from URACCAN on the Caribbean Coast, to strengthen the Autonomy of Peoples, more than 30 intercultural communicators and communicators met at URACCAN's Slilma Innovation Center in Bilwi, North Caribbean Coast, to share knowledge, knowledge and feelings of intercultural communication.

The meeting involves communicators from the Regional Government and the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast and takes place within the framework of a process of articulation between the two entities, to deepen the processes of intercultural communication that will make visible the good practices of our peoples on the Caribbean Coast.

Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of URACCAN said this process is to share ideas about intercultural communication, from the minds of young boys and girls, from the Autonomous regions.

"It is really a great inspiration to see them, this workshop was organized with the idea that the communicators of URACCAN and the network of communicators of the Regional Government could together discuss how we see intercultural communication and analyze the design of the news that is shared," commented the rector of this house of intercultural higher studies.

The rector said that there is only one dream here and it is the strengthening of Regional Autonomy, so that we can see the good practices of our peoples.

In this sense, the rector argued that URACCAN and the Regional Government respond to the Autonomous Peoples and being together is an opportunity to build intercultural communication on the Caribbean Coast.

During the meeting Abigail Zeas designer of URACCAN shared with intercultural communicators, about the importance of graphic design in intercultural communication that allows sharing and recreating reality from each context and each people.

Byron Larios audiovisual editor of URACCAN shared with communicators technical aspects of the handling of camera equipment, microphone, tripod and audiovisual editing formats.

Vilma Alvarez director of Radio Wanky, noted that this was an important space to know how to relearn from each of those who participate in the meeting.

URACCAN and the Regional Government of the North Caribbean from intercultural communication, contribute to the good life of our peoples and make visible the good practices of our Afro-descendant indigenous peoples and other ethnic communities, of the Caribbean Coast.