Work articulated with local institutions

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN in its constant articulation efforts with state institutions and other universities in the country and Latin America continues to improve and strengthen the capacities of teachers and students, as a way to recognize the skills and skills of the entire university community, which is why a group of agroforestry engineering students from the Bilwi compound, began the field phase to apply soil samples in territories of Puerto Cabezas and Waspam.

From the Bilwi campus, coordination is maintained with the Agroforestry Ministry (MAG), the National Agrarian University (UNA) and the Ministry of the Family Economy (Mefcca) through the project "Paipsan", executing plans that contribute to the strengthening of crops, that is why since July we work to make a soil sampling to protagonists of the Agricultural and Food Security Project that is implemented in the communities of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua , the first stage was the training of students of the agroforestry engineering career and now began with the application of samples in the selected fields.

Implementation of the second phase

"We are starting the second phase of soil sampling in production units of protagonists," said Lesther Díaz Medina, representative of the central MAG, the completion of this phase will be done through two routes in the North Caribbean, in Waspám a total of 9 soil sampling will be made and on the route that goes from Puerto Cabezas to Tasba pri 8 samples will be made , those in charge will be students of different years of the agroforestry engineering career with the accompaniment of technicians from MAG and Mefcca.

URACCAN continues to create actions that serve in the crop yield of producers, will also be contributed to the food security of Caribbean families, using different friendly technologies that have to do with better soil management and that would involve having better yields in productions.