Teacher training at Bluefields

By: Jossely Flowers

In URACCAN Bluefields campus was developed the teacher training workshop, taught by Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of this house of higher education; under the theme Our Horizon to Build and Strengthen.

Introductoryly, the rector explained to teachers the institutional vision that is the dreams of URACCAN, the leader in the intercultural community university model; he also mentioned the beginnings of the university and as today through walking articulated with the needs of the region based on the law of autonomy have resulted in the quality of education in URACCAN fulfilling its vision and mission.

Between dynamics the workshop began with the theme of cross-sectional axes; URACCAN, in which teachers divided into groups to explain each of them, the first group spoke of the intercultural gender perspective and said that they implement it from classrooms promoting respect between men and women, as well as respect for the same gender, which as a diverse region, in classrooms coexists with people from different ethnic groups who have their own knowledge and particularities are respected and shared to improve and learn daily.

In the dynamic we talked about the autonomy of the peoples, for the teachers of URACCAN this "means autonomy for the development of each of the peoples who live on the Caribbean Coast" what is achieved through education that can emancipate for development, one of the challenges as teachers of this house of higher education is that graduate professionals contribute to the development of their communities , on the basis that the university is based on the law of autonomy.

The main objective of this workshop is for teachers to rely on URACCAN's institutional philosophy and intercultural walking so that they can impart it in their classrooms and sow that same feeling in students, as well as make visible the work of this institution in bringing education to people from different peoples , and grow as this intercultural community university that contributes to the strengthening of cultures and accompanies in the regional processes of peoples.