Learning communities holds first Technical Council at URACCAN Bilwi campus
Technical Council at URACCAN Bilwi enclosure
Technical Council at URACCAN Bilwi enclosure
Neylin Calderon

Reflection of URACCAN's Institutional Philosophy

Learning communities of URACCAN Bilwi venue held on Tuesday, the first regular session of the Technical Council of the venue, where topics were addressed such as the assessment of teacher training, planning of the vocational fair and the academic year 2021.

As usual, it began with the reflection of the mission and vision of this house of intercultural higher education, where the coordinations of areas and teachers invited to the council discussed the work of URACCAN from each workspace.

In this sense, Enrique Cordón, PhD, vice-chancellor of the enclosure, reflected that from every space in which teachers work they have to contribute in strengthening the Institutional Philosophy, "in order to form that man, that woman with those human qualities, techniques, entrepreneurship, protection of Mother Earth, means working in every detail of the process we are carrying" Exposed.

In turn, the vice-chancellor urged teachers to continue their commitment and responsibility to the university, thus contributing to the principles and values of URACCAN, "this is an intercultural community institution, which has its mission, its vision, its principles, cross-cutting axes, has all the established path to be able to walk focused on the Intercultural Plan of Institutional Life" Argued.

Valuation of teacher training, vocational fair planning and academic year

This session upset the theme of the evaluation of the first pedagogical training to the teaching guild, in addition to the planning of the beginning of the academic year 2021, this implies the schedules of each teacher by career and modality, reported the teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of the venue.

The academic also mentioned that, according to the academic calendar of URACCAN, the student re-entry community of the quarterly modality starts classes on February 01, 2021, and those of the regular modality, on Monday, February 08 of this year.

"On the other hand, we review the planning of the vocational fair that we are going to be developing on Friday, January 29, where we will have information stand for students who are in the propedeutic course, so that they can have more information regarding the careers, what is the professional profile, occupational, the objective of the career, who know the curriculum , the duration and regime of the races," McLean said.

Finally, the academic secretary explained that this fair will also set out all the prevention measures that are being implemented in the URACCAN in accordance with the Security Protocol to the Covid-19.